Monday, March 29, 2010

Jack's Dream for our Country

Today we had parent teacher conferences and I felt this writing from my son was so profound especially given our current government situation. My son who is 7-years-old and in second grade wrote this.

"I have a dream that we didn't have to pay taxes and if democrats were republicans, so we wouldn't be paying higher taxes, so my dad would get the money that he earns so we can buy things. I wish there were more Republicans in the Government too.
I would really like it if killing and kidnapping really did not exist.
I wish our country had peace and other countries without fighting for it. I hope when people have surgery doctors would be much gentler and hurting would stop. I wish kids got what they want and grown ups got what they want.
I don't dream about me, I want life to be good for me and others (even the people I don't know)"

It just goes to show you that children understand what is going on in our country too!

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Tiffany and hers said...

wow future president!!