Friday, March 5, 2010

Beach Party on Lake Ontario and Pearce visit July 2009

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get my blog updated. So, I have a lot to post. We will start in the summer. In July of 2009 when me and the kids went to a beach party in Ontario hosted by one of the chief residents. John was unable to attend because he was on-call at Erie County Medical Center. We had a lot of fun and it is fun to have beaches so close by… here are some shots from that.
Here we are standing on the shore of lake Ontario with the city of Buffalo behind us.

Emily loved caring this soccer ball around.Then we had John’s sister Anna, her family and his niece Mary and her boyfriend (whom she will be marrying in just a few short weeks!) come visit us. We all had so much fun with them, visiting Olcott Beach, NY on Lake Ontario where they have a vintage amusement park where all of the rides are truly still 25 cents! We also visited the Niagara Falls, the sacred grove and of course the Hill Cumorah Pageant!This is a picture of Niagara Falls taken from the bridge connecting the USA and Canada. The American side of Niagara Falls lets you enjoy more of the beauty of nature surrounding the falls. The Canadian side reminds me of Las Vegas, NV.
Here Jack, John, and Elsa sit on the International Borderline!
All the kids together.
Here are some pictures of the vintage amusement park from the 1940's, it features a 1928 style Hershell-Spillman two row carousel. Five vintage kiddie rides, and a wonderful 1931 Wurlitzer band organ. All of the rides are truly still 25 cents. These boats are amazing they are made of Genuine Mahogany.
It was a rainy day, lucky the girls had their umbrella!

The Famous Olcott, NY lighthouse
This is a replica of the 1873 Lighthouse that now stands in Olcott, NY near the park

The kids standing on the American side of Lake Ontario, Lydia loves to pose!
The kids playing/looking for grasshoppers in the field in front of Joseph Smith's home near the sacred grove.Lydia and Elsa holding hands in the Sacred Grove.

The kids getting ready to watch the Hill Cumorah Pageant, our kids look forward to it every year! It looks like Lydia is already asleep but she isn't :) Or maybe she's praying?

This is a picture of the pageant during one of the battle scenes from our seats.


melissa said...

yay that you finally put up a new post! I check all the time! I'm going to be in town next week- maybe we can catch up!

Anna Pearce said...

Brings back such great memories! That was such a wonderful trip. Thank you!