Friday, March 26, 2010

Blueberry Picking, Jack on The News

Every year around August it is tradition to go Blueberry picking at one of the many farms around Buffalo, the blueberries are delicious, especially when we pick them ourselves. We went with the residents wives group on this particular trip and here are some of the pictures from that day, I especially love this one with the frog, it’s there look closely.
Back in July the Channel 7 news was at the Mall while we were there for a playgroup. They were compairing the law makers in Albany to children and Jack was interviewed amongst some other children. If you look closely you can see Lydia playing there with some other girls. Here he is in his small moment of fame.

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Sarah said...

I'm sorry you couldn't be there either! I'm also posting pics from the wedding tonight. We missed you!

Also, I will have to try blueberry picking next year. I have only done strawberry, apple, and raspberry picking. It looks fun!