Friday, September 18, 2009

Salt Lake City 2009, The Alpine House, 2 weddings and a couple birthdays!

This past summer we took a trip out to Salt Lake City for two weddings, my sisters and our nephews, and John's mothers birthday. John's mothers birthday just happens to be a day before my fathers. My father passed away in 2006, but that didn't stop us from celebrating with him. We went to our favorite bakery (Glauss in sugerhouse), we bought our favorite cake and visited his gravesite and had cake with him. It was nice to be able to be with him on his birthday.

Here I am thinking about my dad.

We had a wonderful time with family, although we kept it low key because we were there for only 5 days and had so much going on in that 5 days. However, we did find time to visit Alpine, Utah. Rumor had it that the home my parents designed and built had been torn down and a new home put it in its place. My heart felt a pang when I heard that. I was 2 years old when my parents designed and built it and we moved in, my family and I lived there for 8 years. We had to move because my father had gotten to ill, he had just fought cancer, had heart disease and it was about that time that he was beginning to have symptoms of Inclusion Body Myositis; which originally was diagnosed as ALS. He was a fighter and he put his heart and soul into this house. I have lots of fond memories of that home and the memories it held for us. As we drove up our old street in Alpine and saw the tractors and work trucks in front of the home, I was afraid it was all true and sure enough there was a new house in its place. Tears welled up in my eyes and I think I jumped out of the car before John could even stop the car. I went up to the workers and asked if the owner was at home, I just wanted to see if he had preserved any part of our house. The new owner of the home was so gracious and kind and offered to show us around and sure enough he had preserved parts of the house.
Here is the home when we lived in it, then below that the owners after us painted it white?

and now finally it was almost completely torn down and this home was put in its place. I have to say the new home is amazingly beautiful and is a big improvement to the original home, although I still am very sad to see it go.

As we toured the home, the owner showed us what was original. He kept our pool, the one I learned how to swim in, oh so many memories!! And yes, that is me jumping in, with my little sister Yvie waiting patiently in back, so how many of you rember the red tank top unitubes?? Anyway, here are some before and afters...

He kept the original storage rooms, part of the lower patio in the back, and he put new walls in their original locations in the basement, he had to tear the original walls down because of termite damage. Most of the house had a similar layout to the original one, which I was glad to see. And finally the back of the home before and afters. My favorite part is what he did with the backyard and accenting the river.
When I lived there our backyard was mostly made up of trees and weeds and weaving through the trees was a river, beyond the river we owned another acre of land (I don't recall ever venturing beyond the river, though). The people we bought the land from back in 1977 had built a makeshift bridge accross the river and my sister R'lene and brother Kyle tried to make it safer to cross by adding more 2x4's and plywood accross the top. It still was not very safe, I was never allowed to cross by myself, nor did I want to. The current owners kept the bridge in it's original location and built a beautiful bridge in it's place. I recall in the winter my brother Kyle and I would play on the frozen river. There was one frightful day though that I won't ever forget, Kyle was walking accross the ice and fell in, we were able to get him out and he was safe, but I will never forget the fear and disbelief I felt.

Here is the new

backyard, isn't it stunning!

Then we went to my sisters wedding and Hugh the 3rd's wedding. Here is my sister and her new husband and then some cute pictures from Hugh's wedding.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lydia graduates from Preschool and Jack finally looses a tooth at age 7!

Lydia graduated from Page 1 preschool in June and will attend all day Kindergarten with Jack starting in Sept of this year. We are so proud of her and think she did a great job! Here are some highlights:
I want to give you the story behind Lydia's banged up lip and face. I awoke one night before graduation to find Lydia crying loudly in her bed only to find her bleeding from her mouth and lip all over her bed. My husband and I cleaned her up and decided that she didn't need stiches. Lydia has no recolection of what happened to her and I did not see it happen. All I can assume is that it may have been from one of her night terrors. She tends to have night terrors at night, I have witnessed her standing up in her bed screaming at the top of her voice, eye's wide open and we have been instructed by the physician not to wake her up. If you know anyone that has had that type of dream, you know it can be terrifying to watch and all you want to do is protect them from whatever it is that is terrifying them. It is crazy her eyes will be wide open looking beyond you at something terrifying, you can literally see the fear in her eyes. So, my assumption is that she had, had one of these dreams and fell off from a standing position off of her bed and had hit the corner of her bedside table drawer, which was left open that night? Poor girl!

Lydia's teachers Mrs. Julie and Miss Shannon

Yes, it is true that my little boy finally lost his first tooth. He actually wrote about it in his journal at school and this is what it said, his spelling and all :).
"It was math time. later in math I got board so I disided to wiggle my tooth. While I was wiggleing my tooth something shoot up in my mouth! I took it out... and it was my tooth! I couldent believe what just happend."
I have to add that he left a note for the tooth fairy and here is what it said:
On the front it said
"To the tooth fairy
From Jack West
(leave for us Please. Thank you)
Inside it read:
"On the seat you will find the empier state bilding to welcome you. by the way, WELCOME"
(he had made it out of legos)
"Do wateever you want with it, you can even reck it! only if you want to. if you want to you can write back to me, I might show my class."
Of course the tooth fairy wrote back, you know she was quite nice. ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Margaret Louise Park and Birthdays

Ok, it has been a long time since I have written in my blog… and there is a lot to share... so there will be many posts dating back to early spring this year. Here is the first of many...

I had the Richards kids over for a few hours. They played out in the backyard where we have a small stream and nature path. They caught snakes, saw frogs, turtles and even saw a small beaver. After they played for a while catching snakes, I took all the kids including a few neighbors down the nature trail which leads to Margaret Louise park. Here are a few highlights from the trip:Grant holding the snake with Jack and Monte
Lilly and Lydia
Boys with sticks!

Elise, Emma, Erin, Lydia, Grant, Lilly, Monte and Jack.... here they are looking at turtles.

Comming back from the walk.

Emily Turned 1!

Emily’s birthday was a low key birthday we didn’t have a party or get together just simple cake and ice cream with Dad when he got home from work. We opened a few presents which included a couple of very pretty dresses from Grandma and a couple of outfits from mom.

Here is my 1-year-old eating her cake!

She took her first steps about a month after she turned 1!

Jack’s 7th and his Surprise!
I told Jack this year that he wasn’t going to get a birthday party, so his birthday came and went with just cake and ice cream and a few presents. He got some new roller blades and clothes and as an extra special gift I told him that we would go to adventure speedway one Saturday. So, two weeks later, on weekend where John would be home on a Saturday, we had all of his friends gather at Adventure Speedway to surprise him and the boys got to ride go carts and bumper boats, they all had a blast. Needless to say it was Jack's best birthday ever!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Staring Emily, SLC, home makovers, and ice skating in our own backyard!

It has been a long time since I have written on my blog I apologize and I have lots to update you on… I want to start out with the most exciting thing. My little Emily was chosen by Fisher-Price to model the Brentwood Rocker, here is her picture and you can check out the real thing on their website. I took a trip out to Baby’s R Us and sure enough she was also on the box, she wasn’t the main baby on the box but they had a close up of her on the front and the back of the box.
I woke up this morning with this on our Kitchen table – “Don’t drink it is a ecksparement” can you guess who did this? You know if Jack goes into Science this picture will be classic!
I went to Salt Lake City with my three kids in February and it was as always, busy from start to finish. I flew out to take care of some family business. We stayed a few nights with John’s parents, one night with my sister R’lene, my mom and sister Yvette, then finally with John’s brother Will.
Lydia and Jack had so much fun being with family and all of their cousins and having multiple sleepovers with George and Lucy, Will’s Kids.
My friends Becky and Sarah put a get together on for me while I was there. My high school friends Jason, Becky, Natalie, Wendy, Sarah, Tasha, College roommates Amber, Becky and Michelle with spouses all came out! It was great to see them all and so much fun to reconnect!!
Flying home was not very fun, I got home and the Dr. said I had possible pneumonia. So not feeling well and having to be on-call with all three kids throughout the trip home made it not so fun. Although, I made it but I don’t think I would do it again, but I am sure there will be a time that I will have to. I was so glad to be home!!

Home projects… John took a week of vacation from work and his idea of a good vacation is staying home and getting something done. He tore up the kitchen floor and put a hard wood floor down. He also cut the counter off and put it in the center between the refrigerator and the sink, I can’t tell you what a huge difference it has made in the look and functionality of the Kitchen. Here is the before, John working on it and the after.
He also tore down the dark brown 70's paneling in our family room and painted it a light orange with white crown molding, it isn’t completely finished but this is it so far.
Tuesday nights the Residents usually have mandatory journal club, so we girls don’t want to be left out and we get together and have dinner or make dinner. In the picture; Karen PGY3, Me PGY2, Megan PGY4, Liz PGY3 and our 4 baby’s born not to far apart, aren’t they cute! We are missing the other wives, we hope they can come next time! These girls help me stay sane; I don’t know what I would do without them!!
And last but not least dating back to when we still had snow on the ground, here is a short video of Jack and the twins next door on the ice rink our neighbors dad constructed!