Monday, July 27, 2009

Lydia graduates from Preschool and Jack finally looses a tooth at age 7!

Lydia graduated from Page 1 preschool in June and will attend all day Kindergarten with Jack starting in Sept of this year. We are so proud of her and think she did a great job! Here are some highlights:
I want to give you the story behind Lydia's banged up lip and face. I awoke one night before graduation to find Lydia crying loudly in her bed only to find her bleeding from her mouth and lip all over her bed. My husband and I cleaned her up and decided that she didn't need stiches. Lydia has no recolection of what happened to her and I did not see it happen. All I can assume is that it may have been from one of her night terrors. She tends to have night terrors at night, I have witnessed her standing up in her bed screaming at the top of her voice, eye's wide open and we have been instructed by the physician not to wake her up. If you know anyone that has had that type of dream, you know it can be terrifying to watch and all you want to do is protect them from whatever it is that is terrifying them. It is crazy her eyes will be wide open looking beyond you at something terrifying, you can literally see the fear in her eyes. So, my assumption is that she had, had one of these dreams and fell off from a standing position off of her bed and had hit the corner of her bedside table drawer, which was left open that night? Poor girl!

Lydia's teachers Mrs. Julie and Miss Shannon

Yes, it is true that my little boy finally lost his first tooth. He actually wrote about it in his journal at school and this is what it said, his spelling and all :).
"It was math time. later in math I got board so I disided to wiggle my tooth. While I was wiggleing my tooth something shoot up in my mouth! I took it out... and it was my tooth! I couldent believe what just happend."
I have to add that he left a note for the tooth fairy and here is what it said:
On the front it said
"To the tooth fairy
From Jack West
(leave for us Please. Thank you)
Inside it read:
"On the seat you will find the empier state bilding to welcome you. by the way, WELCOME"
(he had made it out of legos)
"Do wateever you want with it, you can even reck it! only if you want to. if you want to you can write back to me, I might show my class."
Of course the tooth fairy wrote back, you know she was quite nice. ;)

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Congrats on losing a tooth Jack!

brittanimae said...

I love that note!! Your kids have grown into such gorgeous little people. Jack looks like a professor, and Lydia should be on a magazine cover. And I guess Emily has already taken up modeling, so there you are!!