Saturday, March 28, 2009

Staring Emily, SLC, home makovers, and ice skating in our own backyard!

It has been a long time since I have written on my blog I apologize and I have lots to update you on… I want to start out with the most exciting thing. My little Emily was chosen by Fisher-Price to model the Brentwood Rocker, here is her picture and you can check out the real thing on their website. I took a trip out to Baby’s R Us and sure enough she was also on the box, she wasn’t the main baby on the box but they had a close up of her on the front and the back of the box.
I woke up this morning with this on our Kitchen table – “Don’t drink it is a ecksparement” can you guess who did this? You know if Jack goes into Science this picture will be classic!
I went to Salt Lake City with my three kids in February and it was as always, busy from start to finish. I flew out to take care of some family business. We stayed a few nights with John’s parents, one night with my sister R’lene, my mom and sister Yvette, then finally with John’s brother Will.
Lydia and Jack had so much fun being with family and all of their cousins and having multiple sleepovers with George and Lucy, Will’s Kids.
My friends Becky and Sarah put a get together on for me while I was there. My high school friends Jason, Becky, Natalie, Wendy, Sarah, Tasha, College roommates Amber, Becky and Michelle with spouses all came out! It was great to see them all and so much fun to reconnect!!
Flying home was not very fun, I got home and the Dr. said I had possible pneumonia. So not feeling well and having to be on-call with all three kids throughout the trip home made it not so fun. Although, I made it but I don’t think I would do it again, but I am sure there will be a time that I will have to. I was so glad to be home!!

Home projects… John took a week of vacation from work and his idea of a good vacation is staying home and getting something done. He tore up the kitchen floor and put a hard wood floor down. He also cut the counter off and put it in the center between the refrigerator and the sink, I can’t tell you what a huge difference it has made in the look and functionality of the Kitchen. Here is the before, John working on it and the after.
He also tore down the dark brown 70's paneling in our family room and painted it a light orange with white crown molding, it isn’t completely finished but this is it so far.
Tuesday nights the Residents usually have mandatory journal club, so we girls don’t want to be left out and we get together and have dinner or make dinner. In the picture; Karen PGY3, Me PGY2, Megan PGY4, Liz PGY3 and our 4 baby’s born not to far apart, aren’t they cute! We are missing the other wives, we hope they can come next time! These girls help me stay sane; I don’t know what I would do without them!!
And last but not least dating back to when we still had snow on the ground, here is a short video of Jack and the twins next door on the ice rink our neighbors dad constructed!