Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pray for Carter my Cousin...

This is Carter my 12-year-old cousin who was in a terrible car accident and she hasn't awakened since the accident. The Dr.'s induced a coma to keep swelling down in her brain and keep pressure down to minimize brain damage. They may wake her up in the next few days and they don't know the damage until she wakes up. She needs all the prayers she can get.
Throughout this trial her father has said some very profound things that have touched me so deeply that I wanted to share.

"Hug your children, be patient with them. I am learning life is truly a blessing"
From my Cousin Jeff Hudson (Father of Carter Hudson)

And this is his prayer for Carter:

"I know she is your child, I am Honored that I was given the opportunity to bring her into this world, we have tried our best to instill in her the values that a good person should have. We have taught her that love is unconditional, that forgiving is easier than hating, that giving is really receiving. She has done well. She is passing all the lessons we teach, but I'm not done yet, you see, because its really her thats teaching me.
I pray humbly, you will see fit to continue my lessons."

Carter is the one in the one dressed in white; Jack was just a baby. Another picture from that day is below of her and the cousins. And some of her balerina pictures.

Pray for her that she will make a full recovery!

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What a beutiful little girl! We will keep her and her family in our prayers.