Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on Carter!

Just a quick update on my little cousin. It has been 2 weeks since the accident and 2 weeks that she has been in a coma; Carters breathing tube was taken out yesterday. Carter's Dad said
"I cant stop crying tears of joy, she did it, she is on her own. Not a single problem. Now she can really rest comfortably. I can't wait for her to wake up. She may not be able to talk or smile but just to sqeeze my hand will be enough"
and not but 2 hours later he said
"she opened her eyes , I said "hey poo bear"... I got the biggest smile, only for a second but it was there. She knows who we are."
Thank you again to all who prayed for Carter and don't know her. It was a Bright Day for my cousins. That same day some of her first words were uttered. Carters dad said
"Wow, a nurse that became very fond of Carter just came in to see her, she said I am the nurse that took care of you while you were asleep, Carter said "Thank you", we all cried again"
May we all be more grateful for the"little things"in life, first words, a smile, a touch, or even a first step.
The latest and most wonderful news is that she is moving out of ICU and into Rehab today! Her dad writes:
"Moving to rehab. Room 361 our new address for the next month. My cheeks hurt from smiling"
At rehab her dad elaberated a little on her condition he said:
"Carter is doing ok, she still tries to talk but can't tell what she is saying"
They still have a long road a head of them, who knows how long, but we know they will be strong. Carter has an awesome family standing behind her.
Carters Aunt created a new website for her on Please go check it out and leave a note of encouragement in her guestbook! She is just starting to wake up and would love to hear from people! We've created it to keep friends and family updated about our sweet Carter Poo.
Also, a bank account for Carter has been established at ~United Community Bank~ This is to assist the Hudson's with the financial needs as theybegin their recovery journey back home w/ their sweet little Carter. Donations may be made directly at the bank OR they can... be mailed directly to the branch at the address below:
United Community Bank*
c/o Carter Elizabeth Hudson
2168 Scenic Highway
Snellville, GA 30078PS
*No account # needed on checks; bank president and ALL bank staff will beable to process your donations w/out it. Not sure about being able to do direct on-line contributions just yet.
Thank you to all!

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melissa said...

so happy to hear that your cousin is healthy and awake! it's truly a miracle.