Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jan Hosting Kaleidoscope on NBC

While I was in the hospital and recovering from C-section with Nathan, the Network of Religious Comunities President gave me a call and asked me to Host Kaleidoscope for Canesius College. So just 4 short weeks after he was born I went to the studio and the show was filmed. It aired on NBC in HD in July of this past year. I had so much fun!

Here is a still of me on our TV at home, I was mid sentence. Below you can watch the beginning portion of the show.

The Volume is low, so you might need to turn up your volume quite a bit to hear it and make sure the volume on the video box to the right of the play button is turned up.


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered what happened to the daughter of Emer Harris and Polly Chamberlain/Chanmberlin. As you probably know there are at least a thousand of us who descend from his daughter by Teressa Morse Bridges Chamberlain whom he married in 1848 in Salt Lake City. He was a member of the advanced company and arrived on July 24, 1847. He is said to have driven Brigham Young's carriage most of the way. He was the oldest man in the company.
He died when his daughter was twelve. Teressa Morse had by then been sealed to John D. Lee and that is probably why Solomon died at Lee's house In New Harmony, Utah. Our great grandmother Sarah Louisa Chamberlain married Lemuel Harddison Redd as a second wife and had a large family. My grandmother was her daughter Effie Redd Jameson.
So now we know that her niece has descendants living today.

Randolph Holladay

West Family said...

Thank you Randolph, this information is priceless!