Saturday, March 19, 2011

Announcing Nathan Stewart West

We would like to welcome Nathan Stewart into the world and into our family. He was 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Nathan decided that on a Friday night after I had, had 2 slices of pizza and some bread sticks for dinner that it was time for him to come. My water broke at about 6:45pm and Nathan was born at 9:26pm, who knew that you could have a c-section on a full stomach!

All of our children's names have significance and Nathan is no different. Nathan was named after his great, great, great grandfather Nathan Harris, father to Martin Harris who financed the printing of the Book of Mormon and was one of Three Witnesses who testified that they had seen the Golden Plates from which Joseph Smith said the Book of Mormon had been translated.

We decided to name him after Nathan Harris because he was born in upstate NY which is where Nathan raised his family. On the 3rd of February, 1794, Nathan bought six hundred acres of land from a man named John Swift for two shillings an acre (about $300 in New York currency). This area is now known as Palmyra, NY. History shows that providence had a hand in bringing Nathan Harris to this important area of New York and in purchasing this section of land. It became some of the best farm lands in the area and its value increased significantly. It was here he reared his large family of eight children. Nathan later deeded the farm to his son Martin and to his brother my great, great grandfather Emer Harris. Martin later became a friend to the Joseph Smith family and In 1829 Martin mortgaged his farm to finance the first publication of the Book of Mormon after its translation.

His middle name comes from John's family's Scottish family Crest which is Stewart.


ann hayward said...

Hello Nathan,
I am your cousin (doing genealogy and have just found you!) Nathan Harris is my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. My family comes from the lineage of Emer Harris with his first wife Roxana Peas. Would love to know your connection to Grandpa Nathan Harris or Grandpa Emer Harris.
Ann Hayward

Shepherd Family ACALP said...

Congrats Jan! Glad everything worked out well! Hope you are doing well and getting rest! Cute little guy! said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I loved holding him in the hospital!!! What a sweet little boy!

Mary Peterson said...

Hooray hooray hooray! Oh, I am so excited to have this new little cousin. What a sweet boy. Congratulations- I am so excited for you guys, and all of us!