Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Summer and Recently...

Today is officially our 8th anniversary, last night John took me to Shanghai Red’s for dinner (this is a picture of Shanghai Red’s taken from the water looking at the restaurant). It was very good and I highly recommend it. We had NY Steak with vegetables and a baked potato. Then we took a walk along the waterfront and over to the Naval Shipyard Museum late at night (here is a picture of the naval shipyard during the day), it was so nice to spend time with my husband without the children.

This past Sunday we got together with some old friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in about 15 years. This is Branson, Philip and Peter and of course me and John. I met both Peter and Philip (the twins) and Branson at EFY at BYU Idaho just before I finished High School and we would hang out all the time. When we moved to Buffalo last year, it was fun to find out that Peter and his wife Megan lived in our ward. His family came to town and we all got together, it was great!
John is busy doing his research months in residency, he has one more month left and then he will be in the hospital full time and then some… Although, he is doing research he takes call on the weekends, so he still is pretty busy.
Even though John is so busy, he finds time for his household projects; his next one as you can see is the basement. Below is a picture of our basement and the stairs (Lydia is on the stairs and Jack is on our makeshift slide), He has already framed in the stair railings and then he will frame in the walls to build an exercise room and a large playroom with storage closets for the toys. I will keep you updated on the progress.
Throughout the summer, Jack and Lydia have been taking ice skating lessons, swimming lessons and some soccer. They have truly enjoyed it. Jack had little scare in the pool during the summer where he almost drowned, we have continued his lessons and he is getting more and more comfortable in the water and is comfortable swimming in the shallow end (as long as he can touch!). I plan on taking them swimming throughout the winter to keep him comfortable and work with Lydia and her fear of putting her face into the water.

Jack and Lydia are also taking ice skating lessons, considering that Lydia spent her first lesson on her rear end crying this video I took is a huge improvement, (sorry the video is sideways, but I hope you get the gist. It is of Lydia skating backwards and Jack comes up behind her) They both seem to enjoy it and it is fun to have this resource so close.

In my slideshow up at the top of the blog, you can see some of our beach pictures, we went to two different beach party’s for the residents and the kids had so much fun. The water is like bath water and it only goes up to our knees, so it is perfect for the kids. I consider it a gigantic kiddie pool!

Oh yeah, we decided to name our cat Trixie, what do you think?


Rachel said...

Happy official anniversary! I love the ice skating video's what a great thing to have the kids involved in.

Jen said...

What? Not "Scribbles"? Just kidding. Trixie is nice. :-)

Happy anniversary again - glad you had a night out alone. What a luxury!

Our 10th anniversary is coming up in about a month and Brandon and I are going to Lake Winnipesaukee by ourselves. My parents are watching the boys. They have no idea what they are in for!!!

brittanimae said...

So, SO cute! It's so great to see your kids and how big they're getting. I wish I could be there in person. You guys sure are keeping busy there. I miss our long talks while the kids played. Sigh.

Jaime said...

fun stuff!! glad they like the activities, and happy anniversary again!

Tiffany and hers said...

Congrats ya'll!!!!!!!! Boy do you stay busy!! Cute video of the kiddies ice skating!! Miss ya bunches! Oh are you gonna plan a trip down anytime soon since your mom is here? Just wondering.
Luv Tif