Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goodbye Ginger

A funny story to tell with a sad ending.

Emily and I went up to work the Hill Cumorah Pageant for one night this past Wednesday and stayed with a lady who was also on the committee up in Fairport. While I was gone, John put himself and the kids to bed, at about 3:00am he heard Ginger throwing up in the hall. (This is typical for her, she had terrible GI problems) He ran out to keep her from throwing up on the carpet and chased her down the stairs, this is when she went into psycho mode and John tried to calm her down and pick her up, she then took her hind claws and clawed him in both arms pretty badly. The next night when I arrived home, Ginger would still hiss and freak whenever John or anyone would get near her. She had also gotten outside that night and we figured we would leave her out throughout the night. Then John heard two cats fighting and it turned out to be Ginger and another cat, so we got her back inside. She ran down to the basement and John went after her to see if she was ok. I thought I would be nice and take her some water, so I went down too, shutting the door behind me. Once downstairs, we found the cat in psycho mode doing high pitched screeches and hissing, then suddenly she bolted up the stairs. But, I had shut the door and she was trapped, but then again so were we. In psychiatry they have the saying “never let the patient get between you and the door”. So here we were down at the bottom of the stairs and Ginger at the top by the door, hissing and screeching like a wild animal. John and I look at each other wondering how we were going to get out of this. So, John grabs a sleeping bag and slowly approaches Ginger, meanwhile I picked up the cup of water, I had brought her, to use as my weapon of choice. Ginger then bolts down the stairs past John towards me and then around the corner. I then run up the stairs and we both get through the door and shut the door behind us locking the cat down in the basement.

John and I had a long talk, discussing how it is truly time for this cat to go. John had hopes of the cat blowing it over and chilling out the next day… I did not, and even if she did I had truly had it and John was beginning to understand. So, the next day came and I had made arrangements with the SPCA, all we needed to do was to get her into the cat carrier. So, John with his high hopes and all goes down into the basement and finds Ginger in the same psycho mode as before and helps me get her into the carrier. He had to wear a coat and gloves to protect himself. The cherry on top of all of this was that Ginger pooped all over John and the floor when he was trying to get her into the carrier.

The SPCA had to tranquilize Ginger just to get her out of the carrier to put her to sleep.

Even though the cat was so mean, we gave her a good 7 ½ years chance to change and I am sad to see her life finally come to an end, but I know it is for the best.

We will miss how Ginger made life interesting and how she gave us good stories to tell.

So, today we said goodbye to Ginger.

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