Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving and a couple of other treasures.

I thought I would post this cute video of Emily… she has started doing this soft singing and then she turns up the volume… it is so cute.

John has been working 17 hour shifts starting at 4:30pm and ending at 9:00am the next day, that basically gives him 6-7 hours to sleep before he has to be up and back at the hospital, he is so tired… I caught him taking a cat nap with our daughter Emily.

On Thursday, Gantrie and Corey Boren invited us over to share Thanksgiving with them and it was wonderful. John got up at 2:00pm and we went over he ate and then he left for the Hospital, I stayed with the kids and we played a few games, it was a lot of fun and it was nice for me to be with friends on the holiday. Thanks Gantrie!

Then Saturday we celebrated a second Thanksgiving because John wanted to wake up to the smell of Turkey in the oven. It was quite nice. It was our first Thanksgiving dinner with just our immediate family without friends and family and it was great. Here’s a picture of the table with all the fixins! I made homemade wheat rolls, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, banana cream pie, etc.

Another fun thing I thought I would add. In Buffalo it is not unusual to find someone building an ice skating rink in their yard for the winter. And my neighbor did just that, here is a picture of the ice rink before the snow and ice. Twin girls live here, they are Jack’s age in fact they were born the same day as Jack. One of the girls plays ice hockey and the other one a figure skater. It will be so fun to watch them out there this winter!


Jen said...

Cute pictures, Jan! That picture of John with Emily is precious.

And way to go on the post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving! It's a lot of work, huh?

Love you-

That Girl in Brazil said...

Awww ... that one of John made me tear up ... I'm so grateful to doctors EVERYWHERE who sacrifice so much for us to be healthy!

Rachel said...

Thanksgiving was fun! Your meal looks fantastic as well!

brittanimae said...

What a fun holiday--poor John! And yeah, Canadians are pretty into the whole skating thing too. Which is not good for me, since I can barely stand up in the dumb things! I so miss seeing you!